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The Carnegie Center for Art & History is undergoing an ambitious project and we need your help!  For the latest installment of our annual Public Art Project, we looked into ways in which we could stimulate people in our community, and to promote physical, mental, and emotional health.  We have started looking for ways to provide art experiences, to create opportunities for people to physically engage with art, to participate in its creation, and to become more invested in the cultural legacy of New Albany.  Our first big project we are doing to achieve those goals is to collaborate with Bloomington, Indiana based company HUNGER SKATEPARKS to rehabilitate and reinvent our city’s riverfront skatepark into a shiny, new skate-able work of public art.  Think of it as a one big sculpture park where you’re not only allowed to touch the art, but are encouraged to do so…and to climb, slide, skateboard, and bike on it!


We want you to send us your ideas for how you would like to see the skatepark transformed.  What kind of cool forms and features can you come up with that would be both visually interesting to look at and fun to play and skate on?  This Art Skatepark will be made for and by our community, and we are looking to you for design ideas.  Are you a budding artist and have an idea for a huge sculpture or mural that you would like to see created on the New Albany Riverfront?  Send us your idea!  Are you a skateboarder who has ideas of shapes, boxes, ledges, or other forms that you haven’t seen anywhere else in the region?   Send us your idea!  Whether you’re an elementary student, an art student, a skater, a business owner, or a grandparent, we know our community is full of fun, creative individuals and you have great ideas .


You can use any of the images on this page as a foundation to build you ideas on (all of the work done for the Art Skatepark has to be contained within the same footprint of the current skatepark).  You can download any of these images to create digital renderings of your design or you can print the images out and draw on top of them.  Once your masterpieces are completed, then just mail, email, or drop them off anytime between now and May 15th.*  Once we’ve collected all the submissions, the Carnegie Center will work with Hunger Skateparks to create a Master Design Plan based off of the great ideas we receive from you.


On Saturday, April 29th at 1pm, Hunger Skateparks will be coming to the New Albany Riverfront Skatepark (next to the Amphitheater) and you are invited!  This is a great opportunity to meet them and hear about skateparks they’ve built across the United States and beyond.  Afterwards, we will have a workshop where you can brainstorm with the folks from Hunger and others to come up with new design ideas and either draw them out or build 3-dimensional versions with modeling clay.  What better way to get a sense of what the Art Skatepark needs than to do something there on site, roll around the park and figure out what you like about it, what you don’t like, or what else you think it needs.  **In the event of rain in the forecast, this event will be moved to the Carnegie Center.**


* – Your design submissions can be hand delivered or mailed to The Carnegie Center for Art & History, 201 East Spring Street, New Albany, IN 47150, or you can email them to  By submitting your design ideas, you grant the Carnegie Center permission to publicly share your designs to promote the project and inspire others in our community to see what’s possible.



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