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Carnegie Center 2022 Artist-in-Residence:

Kacey Slone

May 13 – July 16, 2022

Sally Newkirk Gallery

What is an Artist Residency?

An Artist Residency is a program that provides an Artist space, time, and resources to create Art. Each Residency is unique and evolves based on the goals and parameters set by the participating organization(s).

What makes this Residency unique? 

The goal of the Artist-In-Residence Program at the Carnegie Center for Art and History is to assist in the development of a positive and educational creative practice for Indiana-based artists, and to provide visitors to the museum with the experience of witnessing art-making in process.

Our artist residency is unique in that an Indiana-based visual artist is invited to transform the 200 square-foot Sally Newkirk Gallery into their temporary working art studio for 9 weeks during the summer, throughout the duration of the annual Form, Not Function quilt art exhibition. The Artist will work with Carnegie Center staff to determine a recurring schedule of hours per week during the museum’s open hours in which to work in their studio.

Because the Sally Newkirk Gallery is an open-door gallery within a free public museum, the right artist for this residency will be open to spontaneous interaction with an all-ages public about their work and process throughout their working hours.

As part of the agreement, the 2022 Artist-In-Residence will participate in a public evening reception on July 7th, 2022, and will agree to deliver up to three additional community engagement opportunities for the public, occurring within the artist’s scheduled hours. Once selected, the Artist-in-Residence will work with Carnegie Center staff to plan these experiences for audiences and determine a schedule. Selected residents will receive a $3,000 stipend for their participation in the residency.

Who is Kacey Slone? 

Kacey Slone was raised in a cornfield in Southern Indiana. She received an MFA in Intermedia at the University of Texas at Arlington. Her work investigates identity, memory, and how place affects one’s belonging. By using familiar objects, Slone hopes to connect with others through collective memory. Kacey teaches at Indiana University Southeast and works as a gallery manager for the Barr Gallery and the Pat Harrison Fine Art + Design Gallery. Learn more about her and her work here: 

Kacey will be turning the 200 square-foot Sally Newkirk Gallery into her own personal art studio for 9 weeks during the summer–throughout the duration of the Form, Not Function quilt exhibition. Just like last year’s inaugural Residency, visitors to the museum will be welcome to step into the artist’s studio to witness art-making in process. There will be special programs announced throughout the summer where visitors will be able to learn directly from Kacey (for example: a cyanotype workshop!) and an evening reception to close out the Residency and celebrate Kacey on July 7th at 6pm.

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Public Reception
Thursday, July 7, 6 – 8 p.m.
More details to come!


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