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I’d Rather Have a Tree  was created by Lee and Betty Benson with sons Aaron and Zac for the 2015 edition of the New Albany Public Art Project located in front of the Carnegie Center for Art & History’s building.

I’d Rather Have a Tree is a piece in which the artists has attempted to design a small grove of trees out of pre-cut lumber. Even before drafting the piece, the artists knew it was a frivolous attempt but the piece is intended to garner awareness that we as humans have limited resources. To further progress this thought, the artist has designed the piece to not only be viewed during the day but has created the piece to glow at night from the solar-powered LED lights so that it will leave light patterns on the surrounding landscape and architecture.

When the sculpture is scheduled to be deinstalled, the materials used in the work will be donated to Habitat for Humanity for future projects.


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