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Helix Labyrinth was created by Allison Svoboda for the 2015 edition of the New Albany Public Art Project at the YMCA, located at 33 State Street.

“The sculptural form for Helix Labyrinth is inspired by seed pods I discovered in the restored prairie near my house in Chicago. The curved segments create a spiral of fractals repeating throughout. This pattern in nature recalls mandalas or labyrinths, which many cultures build to worship nature. I hope that entering this labyrinth with its reflections and shadows from the sun, honors nature and creates a space for the public to pay homage to the environment. Japanese katagami is an art form of cut paper and stencils to decorate homes and textiles while honoring forms of nature. The katagami cuts in the metal create fractal patterns on the grounds like a stencil with the sun as the artisan. The spiral structure invites the viewer to walk into this giant pod as an environment. The viewer can see the shadows from the katagami patterns, the reflections of the sky on the metal and feel the grass beneath their feet.”  — Allison Svoboda


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