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Remembered: The Life of Lucy Higgs Nichols

After nearly four years of research and collaboration, the Cultural Arts Center opened the exhibit “Remembered: The Life of Lucy Higgs Nichols” in 2012. The exhibit guides visitors through Lucy’s life, from 1838-1915. Period documents and letters detail her life as a slave in Tennessee, a nurse during the Civil War, and her post-war life in freedom. It highlights her six-year battle for a nurse’s pension, which was ultimately awarded through a Special Act of Congress. Visitors can explore maps that pinpoint the paths she took and examine actual artifacts from the Civil War, including an Enfield rifle and an amputation saw of the same type used by the surgeons Lucy served with in the 23rd Indiana Volunteers.

Click below to listen to the audio portion of “Remembered: The Life of Lucy Higgs Nichols”.


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