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Youth Art Workshop: Nature in Print

Thursday, February 22, 2024
5:30-7:00 pm

Youth Art Workshops begin with a 10-minute tour of the current art exhibition. Join us at the Cultural Arts Center for artmaking inspired by art on view in the galleries. This class is designed for children and youth with their caregivers, in addition to all interested creative individuals.

This month, we discover the work of Intentionally Intimate artist Rachel Singel. Rachel is a printmaker who carves into copper, known as engraving, to create her intaglio prints. Her art explores small subjects like nests through layers of lines and patterns found in nature. Her work comes from a close look at the natural world and encourages environmentally friendly practices.

In this class, you will create prints inspired by nature. You will learn to carve into upcycled foam and how to use your image to print on repurposed book pages and historical New Albany newspapers.

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