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Join Amy Bammel Wilding, creator of Red Tent Louisville and author of Wild & Wise: Sacred Feminine Meditations for Women’s Circles & Personal Awakening, for an intimate women’s circle focusing on the intersection of sacred feminism and counterculture-inspired resistance.
A word from Amy:
Much like the programming of a computer, our experience as western women of the twenty-first century is very much encoded in our society: from our language, to our government, to our jobs, the cultural hierarchy that perpetuates the usurping of women’s power is ubiquitous – so much so that we often cannot see the forest for the tress. We have been assimilated by patriarchy to the point that we may not know where it ends and we begin. By awakening to the wild and wise process of Unlearning, we relinquish the power of patriarchy to define our value, and reclaim our ability to connect with our innate Sacred Feminine power. In this workshop, attendees will be led through an experiential process of identifying the specific messages that have been encoded into their feminine psyche, and will create art that distinguishes the messages of culture from our own innate truth. Participants will create affirmations and mantras that directly contradict the limiting and shaming messages of our culture around our experience as women, thereby shifting their inner narrative and connecting with their innate sovereignty.
Devoted to witnessing and inspiring the reawakening of the Sacred Feminine from the individual to the global level, Amy Bammel Wilding has been leading women’s circles, mother-daughter circles, and rite-of-passage ceremonies for over a decade. Amy has been featured in numerous publications, including National Geographic, for her work with girls and women. Learn more about Amy’s work at

This program is offered by The Carnegie Center at no cost to attendees. Space is limited to 20 women (age 15 and up), and registration is required. All materials will be provided. To register please email Delesha Thomas at or contact the Carnegie Center at (812) 944-7336


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