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Thursday Night Salon: Teen Zine Book Launch!

Thursday, May 5
6-7:30 p.m.

Our FOURTH ever Thursday Night Salon will be a celebration of our new Teen Zine, MoodRing!

Be the first to get your hands on our first ever edition of MoodRing, featuring art and literature by Southern Indiana high school students, and take in the 2022 Secondary Schools Art Show exhibition on display.  Stay tuned for more details about live performances and other special features. 

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What is Thursday Night Salon at the Carnegie Center? 

Set in the main galleries amidst the art exhibitions, this interactive evening series is intended to foster a sense of community, with a rotating program of conversations, performances, and active art-making. 

When do they occur? 

Generally, once during each of our rotating art exhibitions. The Salon will occur on a first Thursday of the month. 

What happens at the Salons? 

It’s different every time! Our Salons are inspired by the rotating art exhibitions that we have on display in our Main Galleries. Here is an overview of the Thursday Night Salons that we have had over the past few months:

  • October 7th 2021 Salon: 
  • December 2nd 2021 Salon:
    • Live performance art by local painter Cynthia Norton
    • Roundtable discussion with four local figure painters, including Norton, Clem, LaNia Roberts, and Patrick Smith
    • Set against the backdrop of the solo painting exhibition Debra Clem: Surface & Illusion 
  • March 3rd 2022 Salon:
    • Live virtual music by Cincinnati-based singer and classically trained violinist and harpist, Bailey Miller
    • Live durational visual art performance by Louisville-based artist Chelsea Markuson
    • One-on-one oracle readings by energy healer and motivational speaker Breketa Goodwin
    •  Make-your-own “mood board” collage booth
    • Free samples of locally made elderberry tea (a natural healing remedy) by The Elderberry Co!
    • Set against the backdrop of the solo exhibition Penny Sisto at 80. 


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