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Claudia Yundt will touch on Squire Boone Jr., speleology (the study of caves), the 45-year history of the accessibility to the public, and the importance of stewardship. As a Squire Boone Cavern employee since high school, Claudia Yundt has been immersed, literally and figuratively, in the exciting history of the discovery and stewardship of this attraction. Registration is requested and can be done by contacting the Carnegie Center by phone at 812.944.7336 or by emailing Delesha Thomas at Bring a lunch, and Carnegie Center will supply beverages.

About Squire Boone, Jr. & The Caverns

Like his better-know brother, Daniel, Squire Boone Jr. was also a noted frontiersman. In 1790 he and Daniel stumbled upon the caverns while fleeing from a group of Native Americans. Squire raised his family in the surrounding area. Because of the attentive care and management over the years, Squire Boone’s gravesite is still preserved within the cave! In addition to the caverns, a connected system of caves, there are historical sites to visit and educational opportunities for children and adults alike.

About Claudia Yundt

Claudia Yundt was born and raised in Southern Harrison County on her family farm, of which she and her husband own and operate today. She needed a job to help pay for college, so she traveled a few roads over and applied at Squire Boone Caverns. She was hired as a tour guide in May of 1985 and became a manager that fall. She was asked to remain at the cave as the Director of the park upon graduation from IUS in 1988. She’s remained ever since. “I’ve remained at Squire Boone Caverns for over 30 years because the idea of passing along Squire’s story, teaching geology and stewardship of our wonderful land is deep in my soul.”


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