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Lunch and Learn:
Hubble and the Heavens: Edwin Hubble Space Telescope and the Exploration of the Heavens
Presented by Bob Rollings
Tuesday, January 21  |  Noon-1:00 PM

Kicking off the 2020 series of Lunch and Learn discussions at the Carnegie Center is Bob Rollings who will be speaking on the life and achievements of Edwin P. Hubble. Hubble’s name has become well-known due to the magnificent space telescope that bears his name and what it has revealed to mankind about the nature of the universe. Lunch and Learn is free and open to the public, but registration is required:

Hubble had connections to the Kentuckiana area where he taught physics and Spanish at New Albany High School. An accomplished athlete, Hubble also coached the school’s basketball team. He eventually left the area to pursue a doctorate in astrophysics in California and also served a tour of duty during World War I. Hubble’s deeply influential and consequential research into astrophysics centered at California’s Mount Wilson Observatory, where he worked until 1942.  His work in astronomy showed that other galaxies existed outside our solar system and he came up with a classification method to catalog them that is still in use.  He is considered among the most influential people of the 20th Century.

The Hubble Space Telescope was launched in 1990. Scientists agree that there are five major accomplishments that can be credited to the Hubble Space Telescope.  Among these are pinning down the size and age of the universe, seeing the early formation of new galaxies, discovering four of Pluto’s five moons, understanding the seasons on a planet, and taking the first images of an exoplanet using visible light.

Rollings, a former engineer and educator, will go into detail of Hubble’s life and legacy during his presentation. This presentation will include many of the awe-inspiring images made over the 30-year operating life of the telescope as well.  Rollings spent 22 years as a professional engineer with patents in the field of electronic interconnections.  He followed this up with a second 20-year career as a physics and chemistry teacher at Floyd County High School. Rollings is also an accomplished musician, writer, and cyclist.


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