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Tie-dye is so bold and beautiful! But it can be a horribly involved and messy process to make. Now, with a really fluid paint that needs only a hot iron to set permanently, participants can make tie-dye that’s vibrant and unique with hardly any mess. Bring laundered white or light-colored clothes (t-shirts, baby onesies, socks, etc.), and instructors will help while participants use water and Dye-Na-flow paints in spray bottles and eye droppers to add color to them. Add that color in a tie-dye style or in a more “watercolor” style.

The Family Fun Workshop is free to the public and all supplies will be provided. Registration is requested and easily done. If you wish to attend, please email Delesha Thomas at or call the Carnegie Center at (812) 944-7336.  Please arrive by 11:30 AM to have sufficient time to finish this project. Children must be accompanied by a parent or caregiver at all times while in the building.



  • T-shirt or other item of clothing–white or other solid, light color (natural or synthetic fiber)
  • Dye-Na-Flow fluid acrylic paint
  • spray bottles
  • water
  • yarn
  • iron & ironing board


  • Choose your colors.
  • Lay out your t-shirt (or other piece of fabric) on a covered, flat surface. (A large garbage bag works well to cover a work space.)
  • Use a spray bottle full of water, on the “spray” (not the “stream”) setting, to wet the fabric on both sides just past “moist.”
  • Twist, wrap, or scrunch your fabric to create your desired pattern.
  • Use yarn or another string to hold your fabric in the shape you’ve created.
  • Squeeze a line and/or a series of drops of each color onto your fabric.
  • Flip the fabric over, and repeat the process of squeezing color onto the second side.
  • Wipe up any excess paint on your workspace.
  • Unwrap your fabric.
  • Hang your fabric up to dry.
  • Once the fabric is completely dry, iron every painted part of the fabric with a hot dry iron.


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